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With the highest quality in the industry, we aim to be the consulting partner of choice to drive the success of meaningful innovation projects. We deploy a unique combination of scientific and business knowledge to accelerate innovations across the fields of life sciences and sustainability. Our offering of strategy and funding consulting, project management services and more, delivers impactful expertise throughout the entire Innovation Journey.

Helping innovators to get funding, and make impact!

With over 20 years experience we have become an industry leader, trusted by a diverse pool of start-up and scale-up scientific companies, academic institutions, international  corporations and more. To date we have raised >€1B to fuel meaningful innovation projects. With the highest success rate in the industry, our team strives to maximize your funding potential, helping you to bring your innovative ideas to life.  


Providing impactful strategy & business consulting services to academics, NGOs, and companies.

Each of our clients drive innovation. All have challenges in pursuit of their innovation goals. At Catalyze, we deploy our industry experience and scientific knowledge to help our clients envision their organization’s maximum impact. Through strategy and business consulting, we create a plan towards this goal and help realize important milestones on their road to success.

Supporting successful delivery of multi-partner projects, and maximizing societal impact.

Our project management experts effectively manage any project, from small national grants to complex, multi-national programs. Presently, our project management portfolio totals >€300M of research projects. Through our Project Management, Finance & Grant Compliance, Science Communication and Project Dissemination services, we support successful project delivery to fully maximize your project’s potential, and its societal impact. 

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Do you have a passion for innovation in life sciences or sustainability? You can turn that passion into an exciting career. Join Catalyze and help us to bring groundbreaking innovations to life.