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TRiCares awarded a prestigious Horizon 2020 grant

TRiCares, a French-German medical device company, has been awarded a prestigious Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 grant to bring the unique heart valve replacement system to clinical readiness.

TRiCares: life-saving transcatheter heart valve replacement system

TRiCares has developed the first solution for minimally invasive (transcatheter) treatment of tricuspid heart valve disease, one of the most serious cardiac complications for which currently no viable treatment options exist for majority of patients. More than 300,000 patients are diagnosed annually with tricuspid heart valve disease in Europe.

Unique treatment for patients with heart valve disease, without the need for open-heart surgery

Founded in 2013, TRiCares is a medical device startup company headquartered in Paris, France, with an operating location in Munich, Germany. The team’s mission is to provide interventional cardiologists and surgeons with innovative minimally invasive (transcatheter) solutions replacing high-risk open-heart surgeries for treatment of heart valve diseases. TRiCares’ solution is based on the unique dual stent design of the valve prostheses carrying a replacement valve implanted through the transfemoral catheter.

TRiCares is led by Mr. Helmut Straubinger, an entrepreneur with successful track record of bringing medical devices to market, including the first European transcatheter aortic valve replacement system in 2012 (JenaValve Technology). “We believe the unique design of our heart valve prostheses will significantly improve quality of life of many patients suffering from severe tricuspid regurgitation,” said Mr. Straubinger, Chief Executive Officer of TRiCares.

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Catalyze and TRiCares

Catalyze has been involved in the preparation of this Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 proposal, providing expertise and support in all key elements of the application process, including writing, administration, financials, communication and submission of the project. We are pleased to contribute to acceleration of this unique life-saving medical technology development.

“Catalyze has been a great help to us in preparing the application and in guiding us through the entire process. The Project Manager developed a very good understanding of the complex technology and prepared an excellent report which finally contributed to the success.”

Helmut Straubinger, CEO of TRiCares


Awarded grant: SME Instrument Phase 2 (2.48 M€)


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