Catalyze Inspires: expanding knowledge and sharing expertise

On 17th November 2022, we hosted our first Catalyze Inspires event.

As part of the new Catalyze Learning & Development program we recently held our first ever Catalyze Inspires session. Through these sessions we nurture a fun and inspiring culture within the company, whilst expanding knowledge and sharing expertise.

The Inspires program covers 3 topics: motivational speakers, roundtable sessions, and client stories, where clients share the challenges they face, how they overcome them, and the impact Catalyze has made for them. Our team are given the opportunity to come together and learn first-hand about the difference they make for our clients on their innovation journey.

We are grateful to Liquidseal for being the first guest at Catalyze Inspires. Managing Director, Victor Monster delivered a captivating talk looking back on the key steps, challenges and breakthroughs made by Liquidseal, and how the support of Catalyze has enabled them to go even further.


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