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Catalyze and Kadans Science Partner announce new partnership

Catalyze is thrilled to announce our new Partnership with Kadans Science Partner, wherein Catalyze will deliver its leading funding expertise to innovative companies in the Kadans ecosystem.

Pictured: Tom Straeter, Senior Ecosystem Manager at Kadans Science Partner (left), and Jalal Es-Sbai, Founder & Director of Catalyze (right).

Knowledge-sharing ecosystem

Kadans Science Partner creates open innovation hubs with vibrant communities for the knowledge-intensive industry. Next to real estate development and management, Kadans also focuses on area development and acquisition on campuses and science parks. They work with campus management organisations, area development organisations, government organisations, knowledge institutes (i.e. universities) and others. Kadans aspires to partner with universities and organizations to create one strong knowledge-sharing ecosystem of science parks across Europe.

Catalyze joins the Kadans ecosystem as an Ecosystem Partner. In this supporting role, Catalyze will deliver a boost to the Kadans community by providing entrepreneurs with an actionable funding strategy to take their innovations to the next level.

Catalyze and Kadans Science Partner Partnership

Tom Straeter, Senior Ecosystem Manager at Kadans Science Partner, comments, “We are glad that this partnership provides more ways to support our tenants with the challenges they face. Furthermore, the expertise from Catalyze is a perfect match for our innovative community at Kadans.”

Jalal Es-Sbai, Founder & Director of Catalyze, adds, “Kadans has a huge network within the Life Science industries and academic institutes established in a number of European countries that could benefit from Catalyze expertise in securing funding to advance their R&D projects.”


Visit the Kadans Science Partner website


About Catalyze

Catalyze is an innovation consultancy offering services to develop effective strategy, procure (non-) dilutive funding, ensure successful project delivery, and more, for clients working in the fields of life sciences & health, and green & sustainable innovations. Driven by a belief that the most meaningful innovations deserve the best chance to succeed, Catalyze has established itself as a key player in the innovation ecosystem, headquartered in Amsterdam and operating worldwide. To date, Catalyze has raised €900 million in funding for its clients, built a network ecosystem of more than 2500 partners, and grown to over 110 employees.



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