Eurostars #1 2022: Cellcius’ project ranked best in Europe

Catalyze is proud to announce the success of our partner Cellcius in the second and final Eurostars round of 2022. Cellcius’ project, LOSS-FREE HEAT, ranked number 1 out of more than 400 applications Europe-wide. The project will deliver a groundbreaking heat distribution system that recovers unutilized low temperature industrial waste heat using salt and water, and transports it to distant end-users. Catalyze and Cellcius collaborated together to develop the top-of-class Eurostars proposal. We heard from Evert Rietdijk, CEO, on this momentous success for Cellcius.

LOSS-FREE and sustainable HEAT distribution solution

The 3-year project commences on 1 April 2023 and aims to decarbonize the heating sector by developing a first-generation prototype of Cellcius’ breakthrough heat distribution solution, which is 100% loss-free for storage and transportation, and at the same time sustainable.

With their solution, Cellcius address the great need and demand for novel heating solutions that do not utilize fossil fuels. In the EU, 80% of household energy is used for heating, yet house-hold heating is gas-based (65%), contributing to high CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, in industry 70% of energy consumed is then released into the environment as waste heat – 66% of which is unutilized low temperature heat, which significantly contributes to air pollution.

Through their revolutionary heating system, Cellcius make impactful steps towards tackling both of these major environmental problems. Valorisation of low temperature waste has the potential to save 541mln tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Ranked number 1, Europe-wide

With 106 projects being awarded from this call, Evert comments on the significance of their project being ranked as number 1:

“This Eurostars award motivates us as a team to continue our challenging route. Receiving recognition as the top-ranked project confirms our belief that this technology can be the game-changer in the energy transition for house heating and domestic hotwater and significantly contributes to a more sustainable future.”

Reflecting on the collaboration with Catalyze

Finishing, Evert highlights the value of the collaboration with Catalyze in the development of the winning proposal:

“Working with Catalyze has been a great experience. The high quality that was promised upfront has really been delivered. I was impressed by the Catalyze team and very much enjoyed the collaboration. Having our project awarded as the number 1 ranked project speaks for itself.”

Project partners: Econotherm

Joining Cellcius in the project is Econotherm®, a leading UK based manufacturer of Heat Pipe Waste Heat Recuperators, Economisers, Pre-Heaters, Steam Generators and Steam Condensers. They bring their patented heat pipe technology to the project, and proprietary numerical modelling software which is unique for heat pipe based heat exchangers.


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