CBE-JU: Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking

Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking is a €2 billion public-private partnership between the European Commission and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) for the period of 2021-2031. CBE JU is building on the previous success of BBI JU (2014-2020), where SMEs played a key role (40% participation). Today, the European bio-based industry sector is worth €700 billion.

CBE JU has published its Annual Work Programme for 2024, including information about the next call for project proposals. €213 million will be dedicated to advancing competitive circular bio-based industries in Europe across 18 topics.

“Advancing the circular bio-based innovations across Europe for a sustainable future”



CBE JU 2024 Topics

Innovation actions – flagship (IA-flagship)

  • Bio-based value chains for valorisation of sustainable oil crops – €20 million
  • Bio-based dedicated platform chemicals via cost-effective, sustainable and resource-efficient conversion of biomass – €20 million
  • Bio-based value chains for valorisation of sustainable natural fibre feedstock – €20 million

Innovation actions (IA)

  • Bio-based materials and products for biodegradable in soil applications – €15 million
  • Sustainable microalgae as feedstock for innovative, added-value applications – €15 million
  • Enlarging the portfolio of commercially produced “Safe and Sustainable by design” (SSbD) solvents – €15 million
  • Circular and SSbD bio-based construction & building materials with functional properties – €15 million
  • Selective and sustainable (co)-production of lignin-derived aromatics – €15 million
  • Innovative bio-based adhesives and binders for circular products meeting market requirements – €15 million
  • Innovative conversion of biogenic gaseous carbon into bio-based chemicals, ingredients, materials – €15 million

Research and innovation actions (RIA)

  • Valorisation of polluted/contaminated wood from industrial and post-consumer waste streams – €7 million
  • Biotech routes to obtain bio-based chemicals/materials replacing animal-derived ones – €7 million
  • Sustainable, bio-based alternatives for crop protection – €10 million
  • SSbD bio-based coating materials for applications under demanding and/or extreme conditions – €7 million
  • Innovative bio-based food/feed ingredients – €7 million

Coordination and support actions (CSA)

  • New forms of cooperation in agriculture and the forest-based sector – €4 million
  • Mobilise inclusive participation in bio-based systems and supporting the CBE JU widening strategy and its action plan – €3 million
  • Supporting the CBE JU Deployment Group on Primary Producers – €3 million


CBE-JU General Overview

Programme period: 2021-2031

Total programme budget: €2 billion

Total budget for the first call: €120M

First call deadline: 20 September 2023

TRL: 3-8 (depending on type of action)

Subsidy: €3M – 14M

Funding rate: 60-100% (indirect costs: 25% flat rate)

Consortium composition:

  • At least one independent legal entity established in a Member State, and
  • At least two other independent legal entities each established either in a different Member State or an Associated Country.

Proposal length: RIA max. 45 pages

IAs: max. 70 pages

Learn more about the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking


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