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The purpose of EUopSTART, part of the Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD), is to intensify the participation of Danish enterprises and research institutions in European research and innovation.

Funding rate: up to 50%

Deadlines: 15 March 2022; there will be additional deadlines during the second half of 2022

Project duration: min. 1 month

Consortium: Private-sector enterprises and research institutions domiciled in Denmark. It is the organization and not the individual researcher that receives a grant from EUopSTART.

Scope: The purpose of EUopSTART is to intensify the participation of Danish research institutions and enterprises in European research and innovation. EUopSTART therefore offers grants to fund Danish enterprises’ and research institutions’ preparatory activities in drawing up applications for a number of selected European research programmes under Horizon2020.

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About IFD

The EUopSTART is part of the Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD), which creates a framework for entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses so they can develop innovative and viable solutions to society’s challenges.

For example new climate mitigating solutions, healthier food, a more effective health care, cleaner environment, green transport, start-up journeys – and much more.

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