Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative supports the solution that aim to solve the toughest challenges. It varies from preventing and eradicating disease through involvement in kids’ education and reforming justice system. The foundation was set up by Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg in 2015 with one overriding goal: to create better and prospective future for everyone.

Key activities supported by the foundation to accomplish its mission in Science:

  • Accelerating biomedical discovery to tackle diseases by supporting and employing collaborative partnerships and network models of research to develop cutting-edge technologies
  • Funding research conducted by well-established scientists and working side-by-side with a broad range of our own experts in computational biology and software engineering
  • Supporting new incentives, rewards and career paths for collaborative research
  • Targeting challenges and creating open-sources tools for visualizing, monitoring and sharing data by means of engineering, data science, AI and cloud computing technologies
  • Cooperation with private and public funders, policymakers and advocates. A broad established network between government, industry, academia, the philanthropic community allows us to think of sufficient resources to ensure effective fight against disease

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About the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is using technology to help solve some of our toughest challenges — from preventing and eradicating disease, to improving learning experiences for kids, to reforming the criminal justice system. Founded by Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg in 2015, CZI’s mission is to build a more inclusive, just, and healthy future for everyone.

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