Globalstars Taiwan 2024

An initiative of the innovation network, EUREKA, Globalstars creates new opportunities for EUREKA network member countries to collaborate with new partners from new and emerging markets around the world. There are currently several open Globalstars calls in 2024. On this page we present the Globalstars Taiwan call.

Globalstars Taiwan Programme Summary

In Globalstars Taiwan the funding agencies in Taiwan (DoIT) and Austria (FFG), Canada (NRC IRAP), Finland (Business Finland), the Netherlands (RVO) and Sweden (Vinnova) have launched a call for high technology projects and sustainability projects.

Deadline: 21 May 2024

Project duration: max 3 years

Consortium: Your project consortium must include two organisations that are independent from each other, one (for profit) company from Taiwan and one (for profit) company from one of the participating Eureka countries or regions.

Scope: This call invites consortia to submit high quality R&D projects that fall within the scope of the call. The participating funding organisations welcome project proposals in the field of:

  • High technologies, such as (but not limited to):
    • Semiconductors and photonics (integrated circuits)
    • Digital health / biotechnology
    • Telecommunication (5G, 6G)
    • Advanced manufacturing
  • Sustainability, such as (but not limited to):
    • Mobility
    • Circular economy, including carbon circulation, industrial processes circulation

These should be collaborative research and innovation projects which tackle challenges in subtopics mentioned, resulting in innovative and marketable solutions.

Your project should:

  • address at least one of the fields mentioned in the call description and
  • demonstrate the potential to research or develop a product, process or service for commercialisation.


Globalstars Funding & Funding Rates by Country:

Taiwan (DoIT)

Eligible organisations: companies.

Funding rate: max 50%.

Universities and research organisations are welcome as subcontractors of Taiwanese companies or to participate with their own budget.

Finland (BusinessFinland)

Eligibility: companies.

Max budget: No max budget defined.

Grant for research project. Loan for development and pilot projects.

Funding rate (grant):

SMEs: max 50%

Large and midcap companies: max 40%

Funding rate (loan):

A loan can cover up to 50% (70% in certain cases) of the eligible costs.

*Public Research Organisations can receive up to 80% funding, specific national co-innovation project funding rules apply.

Austria (FFG)

Max budget: Dedicated budget of one million euro for this call.

Funding rates:

The funding provided by FFG are grants.

Small companies: max 60%

Medium-sized companies: max 50%

Large companies: max 40%

Canada (NRC IRAP)

Eligibility: Canadian SMEs. Other Canadian organisations such as research institutes, universities, research and technology organisations, large enterprises and other companies may participate on a self-funded basis or as subcontractors.

Max budget: $500,000 CAD

Funding rate: max 50%

The Netherlands (RVO)

Eligibility: Enterprises and research institutes

Max budget: €350.000 per project,

Funding rate: 50%

Sweden (Vinnova)

Funding rate:

SMEs max 50%

Large companies max  30%

Universities and research institutes max 100% of eligible costs

Max budget: €250.000 per project


Read more about EUREKA Globalstars Taiwan

Visit the call page



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