Building effective Horizon Europe Partnerships

The Horizon Europe Program will support European Partnerships, another EU program. It aims to stimulate partnerships across (European) countries, foundations, businesses and other stakeholders to provide incentives for and boost research and innovation. These Partnerships will lead to tackle the global challenges ahead, making Europe more effective in upgrading competitiveness and further modernization. But also to the adjustment of the European industry to the new and constantly changing reality.


The current list of candidates consists of 49 partnerships that are included in the portfolio of the European Partnerships being categorized by research area. The Horizon Europe will now identify and prepare the next steps for these partnerships. Candidate partnerships in the health area include, among others, European Partnership for EU-Africa Global Health, European Partnership- ERA for Health Research, European Partnership for Personalized Medicine, and European Partnership for One Health/AMR Antimicrobial Resistance.

Types of Horizon Europe Partnerships

  1. Co-programs European Partnerships. These partnerships consist of the Commission and private and/or public partners.
  2. Co-funded European Partnerships using a program co-fund action. These partnerships consist of EU counties, with research funders and other public authorities at the core of the consortium.
  3. Institutionalized European Partnerships. These partnerships include the EU that participates in research and innovation funding programs of EU countries. These partnerships will only be implemented in case other types of partnerships or parts of the Horizon Europe Program would not achieve the expected impacts or desired objectives.


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Official EC information on European Partnerships in Horizon Europe

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