International coordination of research on infectious animal diseases (ICRAD)

The International coordination of research on infectious animal diseases (ICRAD) is a new initiative aiming at supporting cross-cutting research to improve public health, and animal health and welfare, with associated benefits towards the environment and the economy. ICRAD also aims at connecting research partners with different but complementary scientific and technological expertise to maximise resources and share risks, costs and skills. Research and innovation co-funded through ICRAD would seek concerted approach towards the development of novel and improved instruments to address and control infectious diseases.

Pre-announcement: ICRAD – One Health Approach to Zoonoses Research and Innovation

Deadline: Pre-proposal: 15 December 2021 / Full proposal: 30 June 2022

Consortium: Open to consortia composed of members from at least 3 different countries with a maximum of eight partners. There cannot be more than 2 partners from the same country.

List of countries: Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK.

Scope: The overall goal of the ICRAD call is to support cross-cutting research and innovation to better understand zoonoses focusing on the animal-human-environment interface and by developing novel vaccine and diagnostics technology platforms to improve animal health and by consequence animal welfare.

The objective of this funding call is to increase preparedness and improve the ability to respond to (re)-emerging zoonotic disease threats and contribute to improved animal and public health. This will be done through studies focusing on (re)-emergence of pathogens with zoonotic potential, understanding animal host-pathogen interactions and the immune response, and by developing detection and prevention platforms.

The pre-proposals should address one of the following research areas:

Research area 1: Improved understanding of animal-human-environment interface

  • Pathogen (Re)-Emergence and Host Adaptation
  • Host/Pathogen Interactions

Research area 2: Detection and Prevention

  • Vaccine Technology Platforms
  • Diagnostic Technology Platforms


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