We aim to keep the time you spend on the application process to a minimum. From writing the project proposal to finding the best partners and building high-quality consortia, all the way through negotiations with the funding agencies on budgets and terms of the funding. We ensure that your journey to secure funding for your research proposal is clear and well taken care of.

Our team of experts will work with you to find the most effective ways on how to secure the research and development grants needed for your research projects.

Difficulties in obtaining Funding for Research Projects

Securing grants for your research project can seem quite daunting, and there are several difficulties in getting them, largely surrounding requirements and regulations set up by each program.

There are a multitude of grants, subsidies, and loans available from many well-known funding initiatives – from Horizon Europe, National Institutes of Health (NIH), European Research Council (ERC), Eurostars and more. With our ‘Fund’ services we take on the responsibility of writing or reviewing your proposals, and further guiding you through the often complicated processes involved. We also provide strategic funding advice, delivering tailor-made funding strategy for our clients’ R&D projects.

Our strategy

Combined with our large-scale and comprehensive experience, our approach is designed to ensure the highest chance of getting your proposal endowed from regional to international sources. Once the project is assigned, we also specialize in providing project management and grant compliance services – delivering structure, regulatory expertise, and a direct communicative link to the European Union (or associated funding body) from project start to finish. We aim to empower our clients to give maximum time to their innovative projects.

In our long-lasting commitment to make impact in the fields of Life Sciences & Health and Green & Sustainable Innovations, we have learned the most effective approaches to securing funding from a large number of grant programs. Our experts are specialized in establishing strong business plans and making you an ideal candidate for funding from investors and research development grants.

How to get funding for research projects?

Funding for research projects is important to financing contemporary academic research projects and Catalyze can help you to secure that vital funding. We take the lead on supporting you in building a successful, attention grabbing business plan for financiers. Over the years we have garnered a large network of support, with our in-house specialists dedicated to carrying your ideas forward. Our successful track record in securing research and development grants and business development speaks for itself, and we aim to continue helping researchers and companies accelerate their ideas.

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