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How to carry out dissemination for an EU research project

In addition to project monitoring, EU-funded projects require dissemination efforts. A well-planned dissemination strategy, including impactful project outreach, is essential to maximizing the potential societal, scientific and commercial impact of your project, and to promote uptake of project results. Our experts have shared their advice for carrying out dissemination for an EU research project. If you would like to learn more about project management, download our free guide below.

Receiving funding from the EU (e.g. Horizon 2020 or Eurostars awards) also comes with contractual obligations for dissemination and engagement of and with your project. To comply with EU-guidelines, these efforts should go beyond typical marketing strategies by combining science communication and effective stakeholder engagement for a three-way impact:

Visibility:  Utilize a broad range of platforms to distribute stakeholder co-created materials and to maximize overall impact and visibility.

Public trust & awareness:  Identify core values and increase the societal impact of the project by incorporating patient/end-user needs and understanding public attitudes and opinions, resulting in trust and awareness among the public.

Commercial outreach: Develop an effective dissemination strategy and engage stakeholders, raising your commercial profile and visibility to funding agencies, policy makers, and potential partners

Project Management Guide

Want advice on managing your EU-funded project? Download our free guide to read all the tips and tricks on how to run a successful project and make impact. This guide helps you to:

  • Manage your EU funded project
  • Comply with the European Commission and Eureka Secretariat requirements
  • Maximize your funding & impact

Download the free Project Management Guide


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