Eureka Eurostars proposal writing

How to write a high-quality Eurostars proposal

Make use of the following tips when writing to ensure you produce a high-quality proposal, written in the correct style.

Preparing a project proposal is hard work. It can take months to collect all the information you would like to include in your proposal. With so much to think about, it is important to consider the following guidance into account before you write a Eurostars proposal.

1. Be clear and concise

While this is important for all writing tasks, it carries an additional weight in Eurostars as each section is limited to certain number of characters. You must be clear, to the point, convincing, and present sufficient detail in the space you are given.

How do you write down exactly what you mean? First, start each paragraph with the conclusion of that idea. Second, following this conclusion, focus on writing sentences that support the conclusion only. Then apply the same steps to the rest of the proposal to ensure concise writing.

2. Writing style

When you write a Eurostars proposal, treat it as a pitch: Sell, do not tell. Adopt a business plan writing style that avoids technical jargon.

3. Visuals

Given the form-like format of Eurostars, you cannot include figures in the text. Instead, you are allowed to submit a 10-page annex that can include figures and letters of support. Make sure to number your figures and refer to these in your text.

4. Minimize the time the reviewer spends on reading

Consider that reviewers must go through many proposals. Get straight to the point. Is it necessary to explain a medical problem in detail if everybody already knows that cardiovascular diseases are deadly? Knowing what to cut out and what to elaborate on is vital.

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