We support innovations in medical technology so that researchers can fulfilll their desired ambitions in their respective fields of science and medical technology. At Catalyze, we are committed to taking on the full application process of technology innovation grants to secure effective financing to increase your funding opportunities.

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How we attract capital

For innovations in medical technology, Catalyze attracts capital from venture capitalists, investors and government secured loans. The realization of innovation projects in the medical field is a complex process that can take several years, and the availability of technology innovation grants and other financial resources has a significant impact on the strategic objectives of your organization.

Our approach is to build solid business plans for early stage and established companies, institutes, and academic research groups, which will enable you to make strategic decisions and attract technology innovation grants through our reliable partnerships.

Our professional and academic team helps define your funding strategy for your innovations in medical technology, strongly elevating your chances of success. Give us a call to discuss your project needs with our specialists.

Available Innovation Grants

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the largest funding instrument in the European Union. Envisioned to promote growth and job creation in the EU by targeting industrial and commercial success of innovative scientific ideas, Horizon 2020 has set aside €80 billion from 2014-2020 and another €100 billion in furthering the scope of the grants from 2021-2027. A grant from Horizon 2020 can boost your project in the eyes of private investors, promising more breakthroughs and discoveries, and is instrumental in getting your innovative ideas from the lab to the market.

Download our Horizon 2020 Guide or visit our Horizon 2020 page.


Eurostars supports international innovative projects led by R&D-performing SMEs. It is a joint programme between EUREKA and European Commission over a six-year period (2024-2020) with a total budget of €1.14 billion. Due to it’s “bottom-up approach”, Eurostars focuses on the development of innovative, and marketable, scientific ideas that aim to improve the daily lives of global citizens. Breaking past national borders, international cooperation is the aim of Eurostars.

More about Eurostars or visit the Eurostars website

ERC European Research Council.

Led by a group of top EU scientists and researchers, ERC funding. Are you a recent PhD graduate (within the last 2-7 years) seeking to become independent with your sights set on becoming a future research leader? Then join this international call, with starting grants available that can pull in up to €1.5 million up to 5 years. These ERC grants can potentially cover up to 100% of the total eligible direct costs of research, plus a contribution of 25% of the total eligible costs towards indirect costs.

More about the ERC or visit the ERC website

NIH grant

The National Institutes of Health is the main governmental agency in the United States responsible for biomedical and public health research. NIH has 24 institutes and centers that award grants, contracts, and loan repayment for researchers. The single largest biomedical research funding in the world, NIH invests over €30 billion annually to improve the lives of everyone globally. While some NIH programs require American citizenship, the vast majority are open to international researchers all at various stages of their careers

More information about the NIH or visit the NIH website

Our passion lies in innovations in medical technology

In addition to business plans, we also support the realization of specific business cases; an extensive blueprint and evaluation of a company’s asset, being a service, technology, or product. The established business case will be composed, depending on your wishes, for use internally, for product strategy development and decision-making and possibly externally for product promotion in business development.

Catalyze has a firm passion for the latest innovations in medical technology and our top experts work with the best clients and projects. Helping you gain technology innovation grants is our goal. Interested to know how we can successfully collaborate to achieve your ambitions?

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