Eureka Eurostars programme 2021

Managing your Eurostars project

Once your project is running, successfully managing your Eurostars project comes down to these three key elements: communication, reporting, and issue resolution.

The Catalyze Project Management Team can be your strategic partner in running a successful Eurostars project. We provide structure, regulatory expertise, and a direct communicative link from the kick-off meeting to the final report.

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. What happens then? We understand that your original project plan might not always fit in the less than predictable world of research. We can work with you to navigate the rules and regulations around change requests and no-cost extensions and to produce the best solution.

Reliable project management requires many aspects of running a project to be taken into consideration. We divide project management into three essential pillars below.

Pillar #1 – Starting your project

Navigating the landscape of a multi-partner project is dynamic and often unpredictable. You will need to think ahead of time, identifying potential risks in order to prevent or rapidly resolve issues. It is important to set-up comprehensive monitoring systems and establish clear management principles for the duration of your project.

Pillar #2 – Finance & Grant Compliance

Grant compliance begins with familiarizing yourself with the ECAS portal and assigning your LEAR & PLSIGN. You should also pay close attention to reporting requirements from the start, as deadlines creep up fast. The EU has specific rules and regulations regarding reporting eligible costs for funded grants. Coordinating these processes requires substantial, timeintensive efforts if you have not developed clear systems beforehand.

Pillar #3 – Dissemination

In many grant schemes you are required to conduct extensive dissemination and public engagement activities. With impactful dissemination you can raise awareness about your work, which can be enhanced by coordinating public engagement. You should develop a strong online presence for your project and highlight stakeholder input.

To learn more about managing your Eurostars project, download our comprehensive Project Management Guide.


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