Our Public-Private Partnership model

Our Public-Private Partnership practice co-designs, develops, and/or supports consortiums, networks, and ecosystems that exist to drive positive change in the domains of life science and sustainability. Effective PPP projects include a bold outlook, but strive for achievable goals. Aligning agenda’s and obtaining commitment are key to succeeding, yet it is challenging to develop an arena to reach common ground among partners.

We engage projects with the end in mind and co-create the process to get there. We can lead or follow, depending on the needs in the process, while always guarding timelines and progress.

How we develop public-private partnerships:


Establishment of the Ambition & Concept aligned with potential innovation programs or in the context of societal goals. This is achieved by stakeholder mapping and subsequently engaging and involving key partners for the development of the public-private partnership.

Our approach

  • Formulation of mission, vision and design principles
  • Formulate concept pitch
  • Ecosystem & Stakeholder mapping and outreach
  • Adapt and evolve concept iteratively with PPP and key stakeholders


Establishment of a (Research) Strategy & Implementation Plan based on shared views on the concept and positioning of the PPP, considering all required components to ensure a solid foundation for a sustainable long-term collaboration.

Our approach

  • Impact analysis on scientific, technical, socio-economic and environmental factors
  • Governance structure and financial model analysis
  • General programme development in co-creation with PPP and key stakeholders


Strategic guidance and project management support from PPP ideation through to delivery of the final program. This is a co-creative and iterative process with the (core) consortium and leading stakeholders. This leads to a final proposal, report, pitch-deck or any other document developed with and for  the entire ecosystem.

Our approach:

  • Stakeholder management
  • Project management & coordination
  • Budget coordination

How far we've come

Funding raised
Project management portfolio
Partner network
Catalyze experts

MedTech - Building a collaborative knowledge transfer network

“Catalyze helped us is by working out of and thinking out of the box. Coming up with new ideas, asking the right questions, and together we were able to bring the proposal to the next level.” – Dr. Roy Kolkman, Manager of the Novel-T Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) at the University of Twente