Our collaborations have been vital in supporting researchers like you to secure not only the best funding for your research projects, but creating the right space for your ideas to flourish beyond the funding stage. These opportunities allow for the exchange of ideas, development of innovation and an effective understanding of theories.

There are multiple reasons why funding for research projects is key to the development of your objective.

First, and most importantly, acquiring funding establishes a foundation for your research and safeguards the realization of your concept. Through research and development grants and innovation grants such as Horizon2020, Eurostars and more, we can help to ensure your idea has the best chance to quickly and efficiently enter the market.

Funding from international agencies is then an overall beneficial strategy for establishing a network of solid, trustworthy partners. These lasting collaborations enable you to better connect with like-minded supporters of innovative research projects to flourish and progress in your research objectives.

Your research objectives gain more legitimacy, inspiring you to continue innovating for the betterment of our world. Access to innovation grants and proper funding only solidify your ideas in the eyes of the R&D world, investors, and beyond.

At Catalyze, we utilize different methods to cumulatively increase your chances of earning the funding you need for the realization of your innovative idea in healthcare and medicine, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, or life sciences.

Catalyze is an international funding agency helping individuals and companies applying for research and development grants. Apply with your project today and we’ll contact you tomorrow.

International research funding opportunities done well

We engage in fundraising for research projects through subsidies from private investors, venture capitalists, government backed loans and tax programs. Our experts handle the complex process of navigating the requirements and regulations of applications for these international research funding opportunities.

There are many international funding agencies that all require different prerequisites and conditions as to the awarding of international research funds. Catalyze stays up-to-date on all deadlines, requirements and conditions of funding agencies throughout our international network. Our international partnerships are located all around the European Union, United States and Asia, fostering a truly global sense of innovation.

Years of strong, established relationships and thorough experience with different global agencies have been awarded with an excellent success rate in obtaining funds. Our highly specialized team continuously analyzes agency evaluators and their different criteria and points for which they look in a research proposal. Using this approach, we continually improve and enhance our proven success rate.

Not only does this benefit our investor relations, but it also serves to provide you a more smooth and straightforward journey in funding your research projects. Be assured, we carry your ideas forward. Find out how our dynamic approach accelerates your ideas to realization.

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