Project management

Running your research project: project monitoring and effective management

Running your project in a complex funding landscape brings many challenges. For new project leaders there is much to learn regarding the managerial process, finance, grant compliance. Issues in the running of your project can lead to major problems if they are not addressed successfully, in a timely manner.

Our Project Management experts have laid out some advice for running your project. From developing project monitoring systems, to effective consortium management, to the utilization of expertise.

Navigating the funding landscape

#1 Project Monitoring

You should adapt your monitoring system in order to establish and maintain crucial oversight of your budget, hours, deliverables, reporting, etc.

The following tips will help you to better monitor your project:

  • Organize regular meetings across the entire consortium and discuss progress/issues accordingly
  • Be consistent and punctual in monitoring partner progress
#2 Consortium management

A well-functioning consortium is very important. Thus, you should cultivate clarity between partners from the beginning to ensure collective understanding of important funding requirements, such as aims, timely submissions and associated implications and risks. Diversity in research background and physical location can lead to conflicting interests between partners. Therefore, solid contracts and communication of interests are crucial.

#3 Utilizing experience

If you are managing the project, it is up to you to utilize all available resources to ensure your project remains grant compliant throughout. Important to remember: compliancy specifics vary between grant schemes, so involving external experts in grant compliance will help save you time and headache.

Project Management Guide

Want advice on managing your EU-funded project? Download our free guide to read all the tips and tricks on how to run a successful project and make impact. This guide helps you to:

  • Manage your EU funded project
  • Comply with the European Commission and Eureka Secretariat requirements
  • Maximize your funding & impact

Download the free Project Management Guide


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