Innovatiekrediet (Innovation Credit) is a risk-bearing loan to finance development of promising and challenging innovations with high market potential. These projects should lead to new products entering the market within 5 years. On behalf of the Dutch government, RVO annually provides a budget from January 1st with a first-come-first-serve policy concerning (complete) applications.

Innovatiekrediet budget for 2023

For 2023, the overall budget is €60M, of which €30M is for technical development and €30M for clinical development projects. Development costs include own labour costs, materials, depreciation, outsourcing costs, travel expenses and costs for patent applications.

Companies of any size can apply for a contribution of up to €10M for technical projects and up to €5M for clinical projects. The Innovatiekrediet is meant for the pre-revenue stage.

Applicants need to provide a business plan, project plan and a financial plan. In addition, they must demonstrate co-funding capacity.

Download our Innovatiekrediet Guide

There’s a lot to take into consideration when applying for Innovatiekrediet. Our Innovatiekrediet guide gives you insights on the ideal applicant profile, how to write an appealing proposal, the full success criteria and more.

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