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Sanquin Health Solutions and Catalyze: Strategic partnership

Amsterdam, December 8th, 2021 – Today, Sanquin Health Solutions (SHS) and Catalyze announce a new partnership to support the development of the New West Health & Innovation District (Hid), and support the innovation power of Sanquin and the partners based at its Amsterdam campus. At Hid, start-ups, scale-ups and knowledge institutions work together to translate scientific research into practical solutions that will improve healthcare all over the world, and make it more affordable. The Hid district is home to more than 2000 professionals united by science covering transfusion medicine, immunology, hematology and oncology, making the campus unique to the Netherlands.

Pictured: Jalal Es-Sbai, Founder & Director of Catalyze, and Rogier van den Braak, Managing Director of Sanquin Health Solutions.

Catalyze is an innovation consultancy delivering expertise, ranging from strategic consultancy, to funding applications, to project management, for clients working in the fields of life sciences & health, and green & sustainable innovations. Driven by a belief that the most meaningful innovations deserve the best chance to succeed, Catalyze has established itself as a key player in the innovation ecosystem, headquartered in Amsterdam and operating worldwide. To date, Catalyze has raised €750 million in funding for its clients, built a network ecosystem of more than 2500 partners, and grown to over 120 employees.

Through the new partnership, Catalyze will develop a multi-program funding strategy for Sanquin Health Solutions. This will include a short-term and long-term plan, ensuring a clear funding approach for the R&D programs and new business initiatives from SHS including the development of Hid. Thus, the partnership will equip SHS and it’s partners with an actionable overview of the international funding landscape tailored to their full range of research projects, while providing Catalyze access to a network of innovators. This will establish an important foundation for the future success of its researchers.

Jalal Es-Sbai, Founder & Director of Catalyze, comments: “We are immensely proud of our collaboration with SHS and our support to the development of Hid. The Hid is the only campus that combines all the knowledge, skills and specialists in transfusion medicine, hematology, oncology and immunology. Furthermore, the top scientists at Sanquin have an excellent track-record in innovation. We are honored to enter this strategic partnership with SHS, wherein we can provide support, leverage our expertise, and build a strategy for the acceleration of new innovations at SHS and the development of Hid.”

Rogier van den Braak, Managing Director of Sanquin Health Solutions: “We are very happy with the addition of Catalyze to our growing Hid ecosystem and the new opportunities this will bring to SHS and our Hid partners. Innovations in healthcare and life sciences increasingly require collaboration between knowledge institutions, start-ups, scale-ups and the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry. Catalyze, with their market leading insights in funding opportunities, can play a pivotal role in creating collaborations and finding funding solutions that will move forward the R&D agenda of SHS. This will help us unlock the potential of blood and science for the benefit of patients.


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