Grant compliance assured at every stage

Our Finance and Grant Compliance Services comprise short-term interventions that will provide strategic support, such as grant-specific compliancy issues, grant amendments, project reporting and financial reporting, with immediate impact, according to your project deadlines. Importantly, the entire process you face in your compliancy challenge has already been thought out for you – by us.

We will provide access to our bespoke project management system including facilitative structures, templates and on-demand support. This will provide your project with a platform that will greatly enhance your chances of approval, whilst removing much of the burden.

Key features of this service

Our Finance & Grant Compliance service features:

  • Grant compliance: We offer on-demand support for grant-specific compliancy issues. Through incorporating our project management structures we will increase the efficiency with which you satisfy your obligations. We also share our knowledge of grant-specific requirements and can advise you and work with you to guide you through this process as efficiently as possible. Together, we will ensure contractual obligations are met to secure your awarded funding.
  • Finance: Our guidance in financial reporting includes the set-up of monitoring systems within your project, such as for hours registration and financial project administration. We provide knowledge about grant specific rules and regulations regarding eligible costs, in addition to guidance on the optimal use of funding. Through applying the tools of this service to your project, we deliver consistent, trouble-free financial practice to your entire consortium.

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