Setting your fund up for success

We look to be a trusted partner to our clients, resolving challenges where and when we can. To support funds with a focus on Life Science & Health or Green & Sustainable Innovations, we bring knowledge and specific expertise in both of these fields, and on the investment process. Clear problem definition is key to our approach and will allow us to efficiently and quickly generate the needed insights, or create valuable resources that address your challenges. We normally work through defined assignments, however, our consultants can also support you as interim analysts.

Our approach

Our support in the management of funds includes a range of scientific trends & market analyses. In addition we provide direct pre-investment support. Together, our Fund Management Support services may include:

  • Scientific trend assessment
  • Market assessment
  • Lead generation/ candidate screening
  • Lead qualification/ quick assessment
  • Technical due diligence
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Intellectual property due diligence (with partner-firm) & IP strategy assessment
  • Valuation: valuation through assessment of comparable companies
  • General investment process support / Project Management

Through delivering the above, we help to remove bottlenecks limiting the success of your fund.

We are committed to

Accelerating the success of meaningful innovations