Innovate, make impact!

Our Research Development and Innovation Strategy services build on the impact that innovations and research can have through a people-focussed approach. We create focus and consensus within teams and organizations, aiming for a positive societal and/ or scientific impact.

Creating a roadmap to find the best solution for your challenges starts with a conversation. Together we define a clear plan, and taking into consideration your priorities, design dynamic collaborative project activities and deliverables that enable your team to achieve its desired impact and innovative potential.

Features of this service:

Each of our bespoke strategy projects are tailored to clients’ needs, often involving a combination of market research, stakeholder interviews, and strategic workshops. Our Research Development and Innovation Strategy services can include:

  • Strategic review: A deep dive into your department or team to identify the problems or barriers holding you back, or the opportunities yet to be leveraged.
  • Vision, mission, strategic goals: Collaborative work sessions and interviews focussed on defining the strategic direction of your department or team.
  • Research strategy: Assess viability and fundability of research lines and project portfolio. Determine strategies to best employ available resources (ideation, FTE, materials) and identify financial resources.
  • Collaboration strategy: Target silos within a department and bring teams and people together. Improve collaborations between research groups and PIs in specific areas such as research topics, way of working, data management, or leadership. 
  • Stakeholder and communication strategy: Identify strategic partners through understanding and mapping your ecosystem. Build tailor made communication strategies to achieve your goals and find alignment between stakeholders and key partners. 


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