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With our Department Strategy service, we re-establish priorities with a renewed focus. We generate insights and turn them into a clear strategy. We identify strengths and weaknesses, before providing suggestions for improvements to leverage and resolve them. The result is a strengthened positioning, collaboration, clear career tracks, and enhanced departmental culture.

Key features of this service

Our Department Strategy service can include:

  • Change strategy: Prepare research groups for changes to the team due to retirement, reorganization or the set-up of new research lines. Break through cultural barriers that limit clear career tracks and diversity & inclusion.
  • Collaboration strategies: improve collaborations between research groups, PIs and departments in specific areas, such as research topics, way of working, data management, or leadership. The theory of change combined with innovation workshops helps your team establish sound solutions that are relevant, realistic and that stick for the long term.
  • Research strategy: create alignment in your department regarding strengths and opportunities. Determine strategy to best employ available resources (ideation, FTE, materials) and gain additional resources (grants, collaborations).


Step 1.

Evaluation & gap analysis

Questions specifically tailored to impact, collaborations and positioning will enable the department to create a comprehensive (SEP) report for its upcoming evaluation and understand the strength of its research lines.

Step 2.

Identity & collaborations

Questions relating to collaboration and vision within the department will be used to better understand how to create a unified organisation

Step 3.

Growth strategy

Analysis from the interviews and the joint development of solutions during the workshops will be used to create a growth strategy for the department and empower individuals with hands-on tools to make a change in their day-to-day work.

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