Organizational growth for maximum impact

We connect the bigger picture with the daily routine, bridging day-to-day activities with the organizational focus. We help organizations understand their ambitions and the best ways of financing those. With our Growth Strategy service we help you to establish a clear way forward to enable you to reach your goals.

Key features of this service

Our Growth Strategy service includes:

  • Research & impact assessment: establish strengths and weaknesses, and determine what the key assets are for your organization based on these insights.
  • Opportunities for growth: identify opportunities and assess future outlook of the organization. An extensive desk research, potentially coupled with interviews, will provide you with a clear overview of all growth opportunities.
  • Financing strategy: create and design a tailor-made growth financing strategy. This provides a comprehensive overview that specifies the financing ‘fit for your organization’.
  • Partner & collaboration strategy: find alignment between organization goals and key partners, and create a roadmap that connects you with these important stakeholders. We prioritize actions and draft clear plans to establish collaborations and partnerships.

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