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Loan & Venture Debt instruments provided by the European Investment Bank, or loan instruments such as the Dutch Innovatiekrediet can complement your company financing. It can allow you to bridge your financing needs into revenue, setting the stage to break-even and to become profitable.  

To apply for venture debt or loan instruments, it is essential to understand exactly at which stage you can use these instruments best, to understand the expectations the lenders have towards repayment and what the pro’s and con’s are for your company. Catalyze helps you to understand the individual instruments and their suitability to your situation. 

Key features of this service

Our Loan & Venture Debt service includes:

  • Aligning your company’s financing needs with venture debt and loan instruments, their benefits and limitations. 
  • Assisting you in defining projects that match the requirements of the instruments and lenders, as well as of your company. 
  • Compiling submission packages and propositions to these instruments, knowing the key elements to include. 
  • Guiding you through the process of evaluation and due diligence with the lenders, up to signing of agreements. 

Here's how it works

Step 1


First our specialized consultants meet with you to understand your needs, context and case specifics when applying for the venture debt/loan at hand. Together we define the approach and address foreseen timelines.  

Step 2

Analysis and compilation

Once all the necessary information is exchanged, we analyse the proposition and provide suggestions to improve fittingness. We compile the proposition documents or submission packages depending on the instrument and interact with advisors at the lenders as relevant. 

Step 3


We deliver the proposition packages to the lenders as agreed with you. We guide you through the process of evaluation and due diligence with the lender, and are there for you up to signing of the agreement. 

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