An innovation expert working at your company

We have a wealth of talented people who are ready to join your company or organization for a limited time to help your organization grow. Our outsourcing assignments are always tailored to your needs including, but not limited to, operational roles in the organization, innovation portfolio management, project management and management level positions.

What we offer

  • Interim innovation portfolio management: As a sparring partner and member of your R&D team, we help you to structure the R&D portfolio and activities, and address project management challenges. Together with your team, we can build a financing and funding strategy. We can help you to prepare for securing funding by pitching your project ideas to relevant funding sources and can interact with funding agency on behalf of the company to kick start your projects.
  • Interim operational roles: When you have challenges of projects for which you do not have the resources or expertise we are ready to step in. Together we will define a work plan which can include setting up partnerships with important stakeholders, lead a project team, pick up business development activities, etc.
  • Interim management assignments: Our senior innovation consultants and managing consultants know how to manage innovations and leading multi-disciplinary teams and stakeholders. We are always open to find the right person for operational management positions and ad interim C-level positions.

We are committed to

Accelerating the success of meaningful innovations

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