Expand your network for new opportunities

A strong, complimentary network is crucial to develop your innovation. The main objective of our partner matchmaking service is to support you in obtaining funding and finance for your R&D projects, help you intensify your network, and enhance your global visibility.

Funding applications and partnerships

Non-dilutive funding (grants and subsidies) applications often require key partnerships. This service is there for when you’re not ready to be a main applicant, or don’t have quite the right network for it. We pair you with other companies and institutes, as well as Key Opinion Leaders in the right fields, inviting you to interesting consortia partnerships within our current projects.

Our network

Catalyze has an international network of over 2500 companies and research institutes, offering great opportunities for consortium building. In addition, we have a strong network of experts in relevant fields such as regulatory affairs, Intellectual Property Strategies, as well as experts in clinical trials, trial design and monitoring.

Catalyze Partner Portal

Looking for potential partners? Our Partner Portal could be of great help! When signing up, your information will be added to our partner database. During the formation of consortia, we try to match your company to other businesses matching your profile.

Sign up for the Catalyze Partner Match Portal

Other partner portals

Apart from our own tailor-made partnering solution there are various other platforms that you can use to find partners. Take a look at our Partner Portal which lists portals with the highest success rates.

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