Increase your project’s value with impactful project outreach that takes an societally inclusive approach. We help you capitalize on the benefits of external stakeholder engagement, which can lead to enhanced technological uptake & implementation, public trust and palatability of your research, and financial potential for clinical trial research.

Dissemination model

Through deploying multiple dissemination channels we utilize a wide ranging platform to implement effective scientific outreach of your project. We identify, create and manage, in order to establish the most effective means of maximizing the potential societal, scientific and commercial impact of your project, and to promote further uptake of results. Our dissemination service produces and disseminates information through the most appropriate channels for your project, ensuring full grant compliance.

We go further – public engagement and stakeholder involvement…

For certain grant calls, particularly Horizon 2020 that is cross cut by the Responsible Research and Innovation framework, grant agreements stipulate comprehensive and inclusive societal engagement in your research. We will create impact in your project through developing varying stakeholder engagement programs and gathering patient/public derived feedback, which better informs our dissemination – and your research. With that, we can provide dissemination materials with greater accessibility to target audiences. Our project management team has the in-depth experience in setting up patient advisory boards and developing collaborative public engagement platforms.

By involving the patients, and/or public we will also bring your project beyond a simple dissemination strategy of filling a ‘knowledge deficit’ surrounding the project, as research has shown this does not build societal trust in scientific research. Our engagement activities enhance public trust by involving the patients and/or public from project commencement.

…Bringing Commercial value…

Developing an effective dissemination strategy and engaging stakeholders will raise your commercial profile and visibility to funding agencies and potential partners. Stakeholder engagement is proven to have a huge potential financial value. A study that has involved patients from the start is more trustworthy, which could increase enrolment and reduce the transition towards project onset. This can be hugely beneficial for clinical trial costs, as actual enrolment time exceeds the planned period more than 50% of the time. In fact, investment in patient engagement for clinical trial research is calculated to be exceeded in return value by several orders of magnitude.

Implementation of commercial products also requires involvement of end-users: we engage professional stakeholders, such as organisations representing healthcare practitioners, by including representatives in external stakeholder advisory boards (where suitable). This is crucial to increasing the likelihood of successful commercial uptake and implementation of end-stage technological applications.

…and Opportunity for impact

Public engagement increases trust and provides a means of reflexivity between science-society, which increases both participation (i.e. the public) and institutional (i.e. research institutions) learning. Through learning public attitudes and opinions we can identify core values and issues at stake. Increased societal impact of client’s project through better understanding of end-user needs leads to greater project visibility. Increased impact of dissemination as the materials produced are informed by the needs of primary target audience, for example, regarding accessibility.


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Core Service

Do you require full project management support?

From the kick-off meeting until project completion, the Core Service offers comprehensive facilitation of your project, including consortium management, progress tracking and monitoring, technical report drafting and submission.

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Finance and Grant Compliance Service

Would you benefit from a short-term intervention service?

This service provides you with support through financial guidance, and grant compliance during ongoing projects.

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EU Dissemination & Engagement

Do you need help with project dissemination and public engagement?

The dissemination and engagement service will identify and organize activities to maximize the impact of the project and promote the commercial and exploitation of project results.

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