Receiving funding from the EU comes with contractual obligations. This is where Catalyze’s project management team comes in. With our expertise and support, we ensure that you are able to maximize your funding while adhering to grant compliance.

Partners in Project Management

Throughout every stage of your project – from the preparation of the grant agreement to project completion, we are effective strategic partners. We streamline the managerial process for you, ensuring your maximal availability to the cutting-edge, impactful research you’ve been funded for. Our services draw upon rich experience gained working with a large portfolio of funded projects across a range of EU and Dutch national subsidy programs. 

The landscape of a multi-partner project is dynamic and can be unpredictable. We possess the necessary expertise to rapidly identify risks and resolve issues. Our Core Service facilitates all project stages; we will become your port-of-call, actively monitoring, managing and providing expertise. Your project journey starts together with us and we will stay with you for the duration of the project.

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Finance and Grant Compliance Services

In addition, we offer two specialized services. Our Finance and Grant Compliance Services is an interim service that will provide strategic support for more specific tasks within finance and grant compliance, both prior to project start, and on-demand during ongoing projects. We will provide you with specialized support in finance, reporting, budget, risk analysis, and more. 

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Dissemination and Engagement Services

Our Dissemination and Engagement Services employs an academic approach to global project outreach. We use cyclical patient research techniques that better inform our dissemination material; increasing its accessibility and uptake by broader audiences. Our capabilities in patient involvement and public engagement can also harness untapped commercial value for your project.

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Would you like to know more about Project Management? Contact us our download our Project Management Guide.

Choose the service that suits your needs

Core Service

Do you require full project management support?

From the kick-off meeting until project completion, the Core Service offers comprehensive facilitation of your project, including consortium management, progress tracking and monitoring, technical report drafting and submission.

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Finance and Grant Compliance Service

Would you benefit from a short-term intervention service?

This service provides you with support through financial guidance, and grant compliance during ongoing projects.

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Dissemination & Engagement Service

Do you need help with project dissemination and public engagement?

The dissemination and engagement service will identify and organize activities to maximize the impact of the project and promote the commercial and exploitation of project results.

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