Focus communication on what matters

With the aim of increasing meaningful engagement, we have developed a Science Communication service with a focus on engaging, informing and educating your stakeholders, such as patients, healthcare professionals, pharma, or the general public.

Our service goes beyond typical marketing strategies by combining science communication and effective stakeholder engagement. Co-creation with your key target audience forms the core of our communication strategy. Our objective is to increase impact and outreach; boost visibility, trust, awareness and the commercial outreach of your organisation.

Key features of this service

  • Mapping the Patient Journey: This is crucial to understanding patient needs better. We specialise in engagement techniques to gain in-depth understanding of these patient needs. This information is vital to building meaningful content. 
  • Co-creating your Communication strategy: We give you a better understanding of your target market, stakeholders and patients, their journey and develop a tailored Patient-driven Communication Strategy accordingly. We have the in-house capabilities to turn this strategy into an actionable plan, for example, through website development, co-creating and developing animations using storyboards and scripts.
  • Maximizing societal impact: We optimize stakeholder and patient communications and maximize overall impact and visibility by utilising a broad range of communication platforms to distribute stakeholder co-created materials.
  • Building trust and awareness: By identifying core values – using interviews and workshops with stakeholders – we can increase the societal impact of your project and/or organisation by incorporating patient/stakeholder/end-user needs and understanding public attitudes and opinions. 


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