Finance your innovation

Unsure how your ambition is best financed? Wondering about any other options through which you could finance your clinical trial, labs, incubator, or patient organization? To determine and verify your financing strategy, we make a critical case assessment and take a deep dive into selected financing options.

Key features of this service

Our Financing Strategy service includes:

  • Strategic analysis of our client’s organizational goals
  • Assessment of financing challenge(s) and research into solution types
  • Selection of available and fitting financing opportunities
  • Developing a financing strategy
  • Strategic advice on feasibility, implementation, and next steps

Our Financing Strategy service in three steps

Step 1

Intake and prioritization

We perform a structured kickstart to deepen the scope of the challenge, gain the needed insights on the project and/or organisation that is subject of the funding strategy. Here we confirm the funding sources to investigate.

Step 2


We will apply the information from step 1 to perform a critical assessment, investigation, and analysis.

Step 3

Strategy & advice

We develop a strategy (in the form of a slide deck) that includes the research results and our advice, specific recommendations and assessment frameworks (e.g. SFA). We include a visual representation of the advice.

We are committed to

Accelerating the success of meaningful innovations

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