Maximize your chances of getting funding

We assist our clients in defining a tailor-made (non-)dilutive funding roadmap for their R&D project(s). Through providing a comprehensive report, we provide the basis to help them to understand the strategic implications of their funding options.

Key features of this service

Our Funding Roadmap service include: 

  • Strategic analysis of our client’s organizational goals and/or their associated projects 
  • Landscape analysis of available funding opportunities including foundations, subsidies and other sources of funding subsidy options, focused on one or more projects 
  • Analysis of financing options, beyond grants 
  • Developing a strategic roadmap, setting priorities for several years ahead 
  • Strategic advice on feasibility and approach to realize financing goals & next steps 

Our Funding Roadmap service in three steps

Step 1


We perform an in-depth interview to gather information on the company, research group, and R&D projects.  This information will serve as a basis for the funding report and advice.

Step 2

Inventory session

The Strategic Funding team will use the information from step 1 to search for all potential matching funding opportunities in line with the scope of your R&D, your ambitions and stage of development.

Step 3

Strategy & advice

We provide a tailor-made strategy for your R&D projects with specific recommendations including the pro’s and con’s of every funding opportunity. We include a visual representation of one or more strategy scenario’s. When agreed upon, we update our recommendations periodically.