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Catalyze has years of experience helping >500 R&D organizations in preparing and submitting tax incentives, including WBSO applications. We help you understand individual incentives and discuss the multiple options available to your company. We assist you in initiating the process, formulating the outlines of the projects and navigating the process with the RVO. 

Tax Incentives where we offer support: 

  • Wet ter Bevordering Speur- en Ontwikkelingswerk (WBSO): WBSO offers start-up and innovative companies compensation for a part of the research and development (R&D) wage costs, other costs, and expenditures. You can get up to 40% on the first EUR 350,000 of the R&D (costs) and 16% on the excess costs. 
  • Energy Investments Allowance (EIA): this allows companies to deduct 45.5% of the investments made in energy-efficient technologies and sustainable energy from the taxable profit on top of the customary depreciation. 
  • Environmental Investment Deduction (MIA): this deduction allows companies to deduct up to 45% of the investment costs for an environmentally friendly investment on top of the regular investment tax deductions. 
  • Arbitrary depreciation of environmental investments (Vamil) allows companies to amortize 75% of the investment costs of a qualifying environment-friendly investment at once. 

Key features of our Tax Incentives service

Learn more about the key features of our Tax Incentives service below:

  • A comprehensive intake to assess the situation of your company
  • Identifying the opportunities for the short and long term tax incentives, creating a strategy that is best suited to your company
  • Support in the application process from start to finish
  • Collecting all relevant information to apply for a specific tax incentive


Example case: How we work with a WBSO application

Phase 1


Together with you, we will define a clear WBSO application including the project outline, deliverables, description of technical challenges, and solutions of the R&D projects conducted by your company while meeting all WBSO requirements 

Phase 2


After defining the project outline and collecting all relevant information we will prepare the Project Proposal according to the guidelines of the WBSO. The input is discussed during face-to-face meetings, during teleconferences, and in written contributions. 

Phase 3


When the final application is submitted and granted we will advise and coordinate the final steps, including the required administrative structure, in order to receive the granted WBSO tax deduction.

Further support: We also support you in case of a WBSO audit and can assist and advise regarding continuing contact with the RVO. 

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