Eureka Eurostars programme 2021

Submission tips for a Eureka Eurostars proposal

Read our tips below to ensure you have no issues with your Eurostars submission.

A Eurostars proposal is composed of several sections, each with a different character limit. The proposal is entered to the portal in dedicated sections in a plain text format. So, you need to have prepared what to fill in beforehand.

Watch out for the character limits as the system will often count 5-10 more characters than your word processor. Also, do not use automatically formatted bullet points, numbering, or symbols, as these will be counted as multiple characters when they are automatically converted to plain text.

While filling in the proposal sections on the portal, make sure to save your changes often. Technical problems with the Eureka portal are not uncommon and it may cause you some frustration and time lost.

Keep in mind that, once you have submitted your proposal with all the sections filled in, you cannot edit it anymore. To re-submit, you will need to create a new project and fill in the entire portal again. So make sure to carefully double-check everything and submit your final proposal.

Submit on time

One of the easiest, yet most important Eurostars submission tips, is to submit yours on time. The application process can become overwhelming. Efforts to align the proposed work plan may need additional time. Also, additional documentation may be needed in the project application portal. As an applicant it is easy to underestimate the time needed for the portal preparation and project submission.

Keep in mind that on the day of the deadline, portals are often overloaded with applications resulting in longer uploads. The best way to avoid missing your deadline is to submit at least 48 hours before the deadline.


Writing a winning Eurostars Proposal

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