3 Tips for a worry-free H2020 grant agreement phase

Congratulations! You have been awarded an Horizon 2020 grant. Before you can start the actual work on the project you have to finish the last preparation steps during the so-called ‘grant agreement phase’.  This phase has to be finished within a strict timeframe set out by the EC. To avoid unnecessary stress and finish the grant agreement phase successfully, in this article we provide you with three tips from our experts at the Catalyze Project Management Team.

About the grant agreement phase

During the Grant Agreement phase, you have to provide necessary documentation and finish the grant agreement document so that it can be signed and you can start working on your project. The grant agreement consists of the formal agreements between the European Commission (EC) and the project consortium, the timeline and budget of the project and the description of the action.

Our tips to a worry-free grant agreement phase

Tip #1: Get to know the Research Participant Portal

The Research Participant Portal (ECAS) is the online system used for all communication with the EC and the submission of all documentation necessary to start and manage your project. Upon the start of the project the portal is used to monitor the progress of the project via continuous and periodic reporting. Here you report on the progress made in the project including information on the status of deliverables, milestones, work packages and finances. It is worth taking the time to get to know this portal, since there are many functions and options that you have to use during the grant agreement phase and during the further course of the project.

Tip #2: Be aware of deadlines

Within the grant agreement phase you have to provide the necessary information within a specific timeframe. These timeframes can be very short: sometimes only a couple of days. Finishing outside this timeframe may result in losing your grant. Therefore, make sure to start preparing on time and keep an eye on the deadlines in order to avoid unnecessary stress and frustration when rushing towards the deadline.

Tip #3: Stay in touch with your EU Project Officer

Upon acceptance of your grant you will be appointed an EU project officer at the EC in Brussels. He or she will be your contact person during the course of your project. In the case of issues, problems or questions, he or she is able to inform you on how to solve your problem. Do not hesitate to contact the EU project officer. Remember: they are not there to obstruct you, they want the project to succeed as much as you do!

Stay completely worry-free

Catalyze offers you the option to stay completely worry-free throughout the grant agreement phase (and throughout the rest of your project). We help with the grant agreements as part of the process of submitting a proposal – in this way, you can seamlessly start your project without worrying about the administrative details. Furthermore, we can provide project management services throughout the whole project.

Do you have questions about support to the management of your H2020 project? Do you need assistance? Contact us and find out how we can help you.


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