Eureka Eurostars programme

What are the funding conditions of Eurostars?

The Eureka Eurostars Programme is an excellent funding instrument that can facilitate rapid growth of your company, by bringing innovative products to life – and quickly to market. Read on to find out about the funding conditions of the new Eureka Eurostars programme.

Most Eureka countries fund 50% of each applicant’s project costs up to €0.5 million subsidy. This means a typical project with three SME partners could receive €1.5 million subsidy. Some countries fund a greater or a smaller portion of projects and the maximum funding amount may change too. In some countries, academic collaborators may be eligible for 100% funding. It is essential to be aware of your, and your consortium partners’, funding conditions in respective countries.

Project-grant fit

To determine whether your project fits the funding conditions of Eurostars, consider the following questions:

  • Is the funding offer what you are looking for?
  • Is the budget sufficient to fund your project?
  • Are you able to co-finance the amount of money required for this project, and are you allowed to co-finance this in-kind?
  • What are the eligible costs for the grant?
  • Can you pay salaries, get equipment and consumables from the grant?
  • Are your overheads eligible for this specific funding opportunity?

Knowing the answer to these questions helps you to select the right grant. But it can still be a very complex process, influenced by many factors – both internal and external to your research.

Need support in finding the correct funding opportunity? Our Strategic Funding Advice service can find you the right funding, at the right time.


Writing a winning Eurostars Proposal

We have written an extensive guide for companies looking for information about Eureka Eurostars. In this guide we explain how to draft a winning proposal so you maximize your chances of getting funded.

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