Eureka Eurostars programme

Who can participate in Eurostars?

The Eureka Eurostars programme is an excellent funding instrument to enhance your company’s innovation, growth, and access to new markets. Read on to find out if you fill the eligibility criteria set out to participate the Eureka Eurostars programme.

Eurostars is designed to support SMEs from in their innovative projects. This means that any company that fits the EU’s R&D performing SME definition is welcome to coordinate, or participate in, a Eurostars project.

Universities, research institutes, hospitals, and large companies may be allowed to participate in some countries but they cannot be the main applicant of a Eurostars project.

Are you an R&D-performing SME?

Depending on the number of employees, different eligibility criteria apply. You must match any one of these criteria, which relate to the number or percentage of full time employees dedicated to R&D activities, or to the percentage of company turnover dedicated to such activities.

SME classification


According to the regulation of the European Commission, there are three crucial requirements company must meet being considered a Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):

Micro Company:

  • Staff headcount < 10
  • Turnover or Balance sheet total < € 2m

Small Company:

  • Staff headcount < 50
  • Turnover or Balance sheet total < € 10m

Medium-sized Company:

  • Staff headcount < 250
  • Turnover or Balance sheet total < € 50m

Find out more regarding SME classification here.


Writing a winning Eurostars Proposal

We have written an extensive guide for companies looking for information about Eureka Eurostars. In this guide we explain how to draft a winning proposal so you maximize your chances of getting funded.

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