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Why do you need a funding plan?

At Catalyze we live by the phrase ‘Get funding, make impact’. When it comes to finding the right source of non-dilutive funding, applying to the grant or other funding opportunity that is best suited to your project is essential to a successful application. A detailed Funding Plan is an important step towards being prepared, and can help you to maximize your chance to successfully obtain non-dilutive funding.

Grants and other excellent non-dilutive funding opportunities are out there. Gaining more insight into this rich landscape of non-dilutive funding can greatly enhance your ongoing R&D projects, programs, or any proposed activities. Identifying the opportunities most relevant to you, out of the many sources of funding and financing is crucial to the successful funding of new and ongoing projects.

The Funding Plan provides comprehensive and in-depth insight into funding opportunities and helps you address financial needs ahead of time. Our experts have written a guide explaining all elements of a great funding plan. Read it to discover how to write a great funding plan.

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Our Strategic Funding Consultants are industry experts when it comes to funding. With our extensive knowledge of the funding landscape, we will identify the best sources of funding for you. We deliver this in your own Funding Plan, complete with detailed insights. This can inform your funding strategy for the next 2-3 years. Regular updates to the Funding Plan ensure that it provides a dependable platform for continued strategic planning, by keeping you up to speed with ongoing funding developments and opportunities.

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