About Catalyze

Get funding, make impact.

We believe that your innovative ideas deserve a chance to reach their potential. Our philosophy is that we strongly believe that our clients should focus on their core business and activities in research and product development.

Catalyze is a market leader in obtaining funding for biomedical and healthcare innovations. We lower the thresholds to resources while increasing the chance for success and accelerating R&D. We work hard to support meaningful, societal-changing projects from leading researchers, SME’s and companies. We aim to secure financing for ambitious R&D projects, from early stage pre-clinical research up to clinical stage development and beyond. Catalyze supports a variety of Life Sciences developments including, but not limited to, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and healthcare solutions. We are passionate about being a driving force behind the latest technological innovations and our top consultants work with the most progressive clients and projects in Europe and beyond.

Let us worry about the funding, so you can focus on the science.

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Our mission

Innovative ideas deserve a chance to reach their potential

As experts in non-dilutive funding, we help entrepreneurs and academics succeed in a competitive arena.

Our Values


At Catalyze, we are positive and optimistic and believe in the potential of every project. We believe in one another and the services we provide.


We are caring and supportive. We listen to each other and together we pursue common goals.


We believe in honesty and open communications. We take care of providing timely and complete information while proactively managing expectations. We are as transparent as possible at all levels while adhering to confidentiality requirements.


We care about the individual needs of everyone from interns, to colleagues, to clients. We are proactive, flexible, and believe in sharing knowledge to create an open culture and provide the best services to better our world.

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Our Purpose

We commit ourselves to making meaningful, societal-changing projects a reality

From a variety of Life Sciences developments to Agri, Food, and Bioeconomy our top consultants work with the brightest clients to secure funding for international projects across Europe and the rest of the world…

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“We value an ambitious yet respectful culture where you can stay true to yourself”


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