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Additional non-dilutive funding and support during COVID-19 Crisis

26 March 2020

As the global number of COVID-19 patients is rising, healthcare systems are preparing for unimagined hardship. The recent COVID-19 outbreak has caused a global economic and societal crisis that requires urgent action. Funding agents and governments are reorganizing their resources fast, to make optimal use of our innovation and R&D capabilities.

Driven by innovation, Catalyze employees are “all-in” to make impact – we provide what’s needed in large crises. For example during the Ebola outbreak in 2014, Catalyze quickly responded with success in writing a stellar application for The REACTION! Project, an international team providing rapid aid and healthcare to curb the Ebola crisis in Guinea. Catalyze supported clients with winning subsidy applications to fund the development of their medical solutions, including vaccines.

Now, we seek to deliver the specific support you need in your projects, to resolve the COVID-19 crisis together.

What we are facing may be unprecedented, but it is during these turbulent times that we see the strength of the human spirit. Catalyze over the last decade has marched forward in the face of crisis, including Ebola, and now COVID-19, with one goal: to support our brilliant clients, from academia and researchers to SMEs, to answer the global call for help. We are standing united and are ready to serve your funding needs, enabling you to focus on solutions that push us towards a brighter, healthier future.” -Jalal Es-Sbai, Founder and Director

Stand strong against COVID-19, get connected, let’s work together, make impact




Catalyze is here to provide relevant custom support during these turbulent times. We bring the ambition to life, to get your innovations to market faster, through consulting and grant writing services. For more information, check back on our website, socials, or feel free to email us at 


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