Get funding, make impact (Agri, Food, Bioeconomy)


Unique to Catalyze is our work in the Agri, Food and Bioeconomy sector, which has grown at an exceptional rate in recent years. We recognize the grand potential of this sector, especially with the rising awareness of the huge global challenges in developing technologies that can help to feed a growing world population, while at the same time, minimizing the ecological footprint.


Catalyze is a market leader in obtaining funding for biomedical and healthcare as well as Agri, Food, and Bioeconomy innovations. We have a strong passion for the latest technological innovations and our consultants work with the best researchers and projects worldwide.


We help these leading researchers and companies secure funding for ambitious R&D projects, from early stage, fundamental research up until late-stage development. In our strategy, we combine (inter)national subsidies and government-secured loans, entirely tailored to your ambitions and needs.


The development of disruptive innovations is a complex process, taking several years. To help you accelerate this process we can support you in the following ways: the development of your business case or business plan, conducting your market research, development of your funding strategy & roadmap and acquiring funding through grant programs and government-secured loans.


So far, we have raised more than 600 million Euro in funding for our clients with a strong track record raising funding through, but not limited to, HORIZON2020, Eurostars, NIH, IMI, ERC, ERA-NET, EFRO, national funds and regional funds.

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