Case BloomyPro

Revolutionary Software Technology for Flower Arrangements

BloomyPro is a trail-blazing new software that utilizes a revolutionary 3D technology for the floral industry. Ordering flower arrangements will never be the same again as the power of data is utilized to improve the journey of flower arrangements from start, to finish for suppliers and co-creators.  

With over 3.800 unique flowers on hand, BloomyPro has something from everyone from breeders, to retailers, wholesalers and suppliers. The entire supply chain for flowers is seamlessly connected with the company’s unique data-driven tailoring. BloomyPro’s services are sustainable, as all samples are done digitally via their cloud-based features, saving not only time and money, but cutting down on waste and transport costs effectively slashing their carbon footprint.  

Easy, logical and waste-free.  

Working with Catalyze is like a breath of fresh air. They’re highly personable, very effective, and professional. And most importantly they deliver on their promises.” –Eric Egberts, CEO BloomyPro 

The project was awarded the SME Phase 1 EIC Accelerator Grant; 50.000 EUR

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A must-have if you’re interested in getting your business to the next level