How ESCAPE_NET aims to improve SCA management

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) causes ~20% of all deaths in Europe. SCA is lethal within minutes if left untreated and survival rates are presently only 5-20%. ESCAPE_NET is addressing the large medical need to improve SCA prevention and treatment.

Designing effective individualized prevention and treatment strategies require knowledge on genetic and environmental risk factors. So far, these efforts have been hampered by the lack of sufficiently large study cohorts of SCA patients with detailed information. Obtaining SCA patient samples is challenging as the condition happens suddenly and unexpectedly. Joining forces in the ESCAPE_NET project are leading European scientific teams that have created large relevant population cohorts, mostly dedicated to SCA research. The aim is to fully exploit available data towards improving SCA management.

This will be done through:

  • Building a unique and growing database of >100.000 (DNA) samples including >20.000 SCA patient samples, by combining existing European databases and infrastructures.
  • Identifying risk factors (inherited, acquired, environmental) and first-response treatment strategies that may explain the differences in SCA occurrence and survival between European countries.
  • Collaborating with professional networks, such as the European Heart Rhythm Association, and European Resuscitation Council, to translate the outcomes into European clinical practice for the prevention of SCA, and European infrastructures to improve survival after SCA.

The project is running from 2017-2021 and was awarded a €10 million Horizon 2020 grant. Catalyze is a partner in this project. Responsibilities include securing the future of the database of European Cohorts, in addition to providing project management for the day-to-day management of the project; and the management and maintenance of communication and dissemination activities.

Learn more about the upcoming Horizon Europe programme

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