Case Plantics

Changing our world with Biodegradable plastics

Plantics is revolutionizing the future of biodegradable plastics with cost-effective and 100% renewable materials. Over the past 100 years, plastic production has grown exponentially, reaching over 350 million tonnes in 2018, with 99% of this plastic derived from oil. For this innovation, they were the winners of an FTI grant of €2.25 (for full consortium) and SME Phase 2 (now EIC) of €2M. Through Plantics’ ambition to develop a bio-plastic that can compete with non-renewable alternatives, they can have a significant impact on global sustainability and the regeneration of ecosystems that currently face a constant influx of non-biodegradable plastic.

Even though we were very creative with our budgets, we wanted to find a partner to help us attain additional funding. Luckily, we found Catalyze.” – Dr. Wridzer Bakker, CEO Plantics

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