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Catalyze Group Launches New Investment Fund – Catalyze Capital

3 April 2024, Amsterdam (NL) – Catalyze Group announces the first closing of a new €25M investment fund, Catalyze Capital.

Catalyze Group’s first venture capital fund

Catalyze Capital is a new closed-end fund that will invest tickets between €500,000 to €1.5 million in 10-15 high-tech companies throughout Europe. The fund will focus on early stage innovations making meaningful impact on our society and the world, mainly within the Life Science, Sustainable, and Deep Tech innovation sectors. The final closing of the fund is expected early 2025 at a target of €25M.

Catalyze Capital is part of the Catalyze Group, and will closely collaborate with Catalyze Innovation Consultants, tapping into 20+ years’ experience in advancing innovations, a large pipeline of high-potential investment candidates, and a vast European network of industrial and academic partners. The fund is strengthened by an investor base of seasoned entrepreneurs that contribute valuable industry experience to its portfolio companies. Catalyze Group previously founded and managed two seed funds focused on seed stage innovations in The Netherlands. Now, Catalyze Group launches its first venture capital fund with European scope.

Peter Schoevers, Managing Partner of Catalyze Capital and Chairman of the Group comments “Catalyze Capital  has a unique pipeline of early stage technology companies and has a proven ability to select the winners.”

“A new chapter in the journey of Catalyze Group”

“We are excited to start this new chapter in the journey of Catalyze Group.” says Marlene Végh, CEO of Catalyze Group. “Our investment fund builds upon many years of experience in managing innovations and bringing them to success. Furthermore, Catalyze Capital addresses a clear financing need within the European innovation landscape and in our ambition to help our clients throughout their Innovation Journey. Together with our partners and stakeholders we aim to contribute to the advancement of impactful innovations.

“In our history we have successfully supported thousands of companies in raising non-dilutive financing, managing innovation projects, and finetuning their company strategy. Still, many early stage start-ups struggle to finance their innovations. As a critical part of the innovation mix, our ability to invest in these high-potential companies can contribute to bringing revolutionary ideas to the market.”

Benjamin Sieters, Investment Director at Catalyze Capital, adds, “Catalyze Capital is perfectly positioned to select and assess Europe’s most innovative and impactful companies, oftentimes even before they are visible to the public. We have successfully proven that we can select such winners and help them build value, guiding their innovations throughout the critical stages. We believe that this combination is key in realising those breakthrough innovations that shape the world we live in, impacting people’s lives and the planet’s health.”

About Catalyze Group

Catalyze is an innovation consultancy offering services to develop effective strategy, procure (non-) dilutive funding, ensure successful project delivery, and more, for clients working in the fields of Life Science, Sustainable and Deep Tech innovations. Driven by a belief that the most meaningful innovations deserve the best chance to succeed, Catalyze has established itself as a key player in the innovation ecosystem, headquartered in Amsterdam and operating worldwide. To date, Catalyze has raised over €1 billion in funding for its clients, built a network ecosystem of more than 3000 partners, and grown to over 110 employees.


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