Press release

Catalyze opens office at Pivot Park

Catalyze has opened their new office at Pivot Park. Catalyze, with head quarters in Amsterdam, is specialized in life sciences, bio-technology and medical technology. We operate in a strong European network and offer highly specialized services to apply for national and international (EU) grants (e.g. HORIZON2020), government secured loans (e.g. Innovation credit, BMKB) and fiscal programs (WBSO). Catalyze’s consulting services fulfill a direct need of Pivot Park based companies. The Pivot Park companies will be able to meet with experienced consultants for advice on fundraising through subsidies, right around the corner.

“We are very pleased to become part of the life science community in Oss. Catalyze has many years of experience in and offers specialized services to obtain funding for life sciences projects. Our company by now has grown to a team of over 35 dedicated consultants. Catalyze already collaborates with a number of companies within the Pivot Park, and with our new office we will be in closer proximity to our customers. In addition, our new office will make it easier to connect with the companies located at Pivot Park. Due to the high potential at the Pivot Park we value becoming a partner and active member of the life science community in Oss” says Theodoor Rutgers, Managing Director of Catalyze.

“The opening of Catalyze their new office at Pivot Park is good for our Community,” says Mirjam Mol, director at Pivot Park. “A diverse group of Pivot Park based companies are entering the stage in which their companies’ activities have to accelerate to go beyond the start-up phase and to get their developed candidate drug or technlogy towards the market. Catalyze can provide these companies with the needed support and is able to, as the name already says, catalyze and speed up developments. This results in earlier access to new medicins and technologies for our society.”


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