The EIC Accelerator supports high-risk, high-potential SMEs and innovators to help them develop and bring onto the market new innovative products, services and business models that could drive economic growth.

At Catalyze, we have obtained funding for EIC for a wide range of companies, legal entities and academic groups.

About European innovation council (EIC) and Accelerator

Selected companies receive funding and optional equity and are offered business coaching and mentoring to scale up their innovation idea. They get extra acceleration services to connect with investors, corporates and likeminded entrepreneurs.

As an EIC Accelerator client, you will gain visibility and boost your chances of success in European and international markets.

The application for EIC Accelerator starts with submitting a full proposal, the highest ranked proposals will be invited to a pitch presentation and Q&A session in Brussels before a jury.

The EIC Accelerator helps you develop your business concept further into a market-ready product, service or process aligned with your company’s growth strategy. Activities could, for example, include trials, prototyping, validation, demonstration and testing in real-world conditions, and market replication. If the activity concerns a primarily technological innovation, a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 6 or above is envisaged. You can subcontract work essential for your innovation project.

We are awaiting further information regarding the subsidy amount and budget for the EIC Accelerator programme. To get free funding updates, including EIC Accelerator, subscribe to Catalyze Alerts.

Everything you need for EIC funding

Did you know that there’s a lot to take into consideration when applying for EIC funding? Like budget, consortium partners, application processes, activities, and specific conditions. Our EIC Accelerator Guide gives you insights on how to write an appealing proposal, gives all the success criteria and maximizes the chances of getting funded.


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Deadline, subsidy & more information

1st deadline
project duration
Consortium partners

With over 10 years of experience in consulting, we are your gateway to European funding, and beyond.


What if funding wasn't a barrier to innovation?

We offer the best service support for your grant journey by giving:

  • Strategic funding advice: identify the most suitable funding opportunities for your ideas and ambitions.
  • Funding applications: unburdened funding applications for academics and entrepreneurs, by life science and agro-food experts.
  • Funding reviews & resubmissions: expert input to your funding applications.
  • Partner matchmaking: build your network and participate in exciting opportunities.

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What if your journey was clear?

  • Business cases: understand your market, plan your development and define your commercial strategy.
  • Business plans: present your company and value proposition in an attractive way.
  • Market research analysis: answer all the questions you have about your market in detail.
  • Feasibility studies: learn about the commercial feasibility of your technology, product or service.

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What if you only had to focus on R&D?

We provide the support you need to get your innovation to the market.

  • Project management: stay focused on science while we take care of the rest.
  • WBSO: manage your Dutch tax R&D discounts effectively.

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BloomyPro’s pioneering software is bringing the floral industry much needed advancement with a data-driven 3D technology for flower arrangement. Read on to learn more about BloomyPro’s recent €60.000 INNOWWIDE win.

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