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The EIC Pathfinder program is a unique opportunity for innovators to receive substantial funding for their research and development projects. However, the application process can be complex and overwhelming. Download our 2022 EIC Pathfinder Guide to be notified when we publish our updated 2023 guide with deeper insights into the EIC Pathfinder program.

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This guide provides valuable insights into the application process and evaluation criteria for the EIC, helping businesses navigate the complex and competitive landscape of innovation funding. By downloading this guide, businesses can access expert advice and practical tips on how to prepare a successful EIC proposal.

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In our EIC Accelerator Guide we have compiled all the key program information, including the latest insights from our EIC Accelerator experts, extensive information on the application and evaluation process, success stories and more. A must read if you’re looking for new funding opportunities for your research, R&D or commercialization project.

About the European Innovation Council (EIC)

Under Horizon Europe, the EIC aims at identifying and supporting breakthrough technologies and game-changing innovations with the potential to scale up internationally and become market leaders. 70% of the entire budget is ear-marked for SMEs, which shows the focus of EIC on SMEs.

In continuation of the first work programme, both open topic calls and specific challenge-driven calls are available for EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition and EIC Accelerator. The challenge-driven approach provides funding to address specific technological and innovation breakthroughs. The challenges focus on EU priorities for transitioning to a green, digital and healthy society, as well as the overall strategic planning for Horizon Europe. Each instrument is divided over Open calls and Challenge-driven calls.


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Catalyze is an official EIC Partner and member of the EIC Ecosystem Partnership and Co-investment Support Program. All EIC supported projects and companies get access to coaching, mentoring, partnering and other EIC Business Acceleration Services.

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3D-BrAIn: Developing a bio-digital twin model of the human brain

We spoke to Project Leader, Dr Femke de Vrij, Associate Professor of Stem Cell Modelling at the Department of Psychiatry of Erasmus Medical Center. Femke shared insights into the project, future impact of 3D-BrAIn, and the collaboration with Catalyze towards the successful submission. We spoke to Project Leader, Dr Femke de Vrij, about the project, future impact of 3D-BrAIn, and the collaboration with Catalyze towards the successful submission.


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